Dad and Baby Watch TV Together, Their Conversation Has the Internet in Stitches

August 15, 2019 Updated: August 15, 2019

We all know that kids say the darndest things. But a short video this week featuring a conversation between a loving dad and his incredible toddler showed that it’s not really what they say; it’s how they say it!

It all started when stand-up comedian DJ Pryor, who lives in Clarksville, Tennessee, posted a video on Instagram of himself and his 19 month-old son Kingston watching the grande finale of the hit TV show Empire. Pryor had been having his wife, Shanieke, film some short videos of him having fun with his son. As DJ Pryor told CNN, “I was making [the videos] for a home movie type thing, so that when [my sons] are older, they can look back at it.”

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The video in question starts with dad DJ talking about his feelings toward the plot twist that Empire took. “They need to work on that, right?” DJ asks his son, who seems to agree. “Did you understand it, though?” “Nope,” little Kingston seems to reply. From there, DJ was so amused by his son’s interest in the chat that they just kept going.

Little Kingston keeps piping up and responding with lots of animated hand gestures and earnest attempts to express his opinions. As Pryor jokes to his son, “That’s exactly what I was thinking! We think a lot alike.”

Pryor told CNN that after making the video, he wasn’t even sure he would share it. “Maybe I’ll post it, and maybe I’ll get a couple likes from my family and my friends, and maybe their family and friends, but I had no idea it was going to do what it did.”

As more and more people saw the video, they just couldn’t believe how amazing Kingston was and how well he kept the conversation going. For DJ, however, his training as a stand-up comic made this interaction a lot like his “day job.”

Pryor told the local newspaper The Leaf Chronicle, “my son seemed to be inspired.” Just like in real sketch comedy, when someone has an idea, the performers run with it. “I was responding based on what I thought he might say, so I started to play off it to the camera.” He thought, “ok, we’re having a conversation, so let’s continue!”

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In a busy world that’s full of uncertainty, the simplicity of a dad’s relationship with his son touched viewers all over the world. Within the week, the original video had been viewed an astounding 55 million times, levels that usually only rock stars can hope to achieve.

As DJ Pryor posted in response to the reaction on Instagram: “This week we found a common thread not just in our country but in the WORLD!!!🌎 Race or Anything Else Mattered, Because this week we found more that UNITED US than DIVIDED US and we enjoyed it altogether…….What’s the (IT) I’m talking about? LAUGHTER!!!”

Pryor’s one worry is that Kingston’s success will go straight to his head! As his dad joked to the Leaf Chronicle, “I feel like he understands. He’s been walking around the house like he knows he’s famous, and I don’t like it at all.”

So next time a toddler tries to talk to you, just keep the conversation going. You won’t just get a laugh, you might just brighten the day of millions of people around the world!

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