Customer Hands a 100% Tip to Waitress After She Reveals Why Her Feet Are Sore

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
January 21, 2019 Updated: January 21, 2019

A virtuous man from Fairhaven, Boston, decided to do something really special, and what he did lifted the spirit of a waitress displaced by Hurricane Florence.

Justin Methia’s awesome deed was witnessed by his brother, Jared Methia, who took to Facebook to share the story.

Justin Methia 发布于 2018年7月14日周六

On that particular September night in 2018, the two brothers were dining at the Texas Roadhouse in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, where they struck up a conversation with a waitress.

During the regular chit-chat, the waitress told them “how her shoes were killing her because they were a size too small.”

The two brothers wondered why the waitress was wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Justin Methia 发布于 2012年11月3日周六

The waitress then shared that she was actually from North Carolina and was forced to flee her home due to Hurricane Florence.

While in Massachusetts, she was fortunate to be given a temporary job by the kind owner of Texas Roadhouse in North Dartmouth. She was working a few shifts at the restaurant to earn the money she needed to get through the tough times.

Justin felt sympathetic toward the waitress after hearing her story and “thought she needed the money more than he did.”

Jared Methia 发布于 2018年9月19日周三

Wanting to help the waitress, Justin gave her a 100 percent tip (US$59.94)—the price of their meal. Moved by the random act of kindness, the waitress chased after the two kind men as they headed to the parking lot.

She went up to the two brothers, thanking them “practically in tears.”

Jared Methia 发布于 2018年9月19日周三

“This wasn’t for the #Tipthebillchallange,” Jared wrote.  “[It] was just because he saw she was in a tough spot and wanted to help. Figured I had to post this because it’s not him to make a big deal over it!”

Netizens who read Jared’s post were impressed by Justin’s gesture.

“It will come back to you two fold. I so believe in these random acts of kindness,” one person wrote.

Another commented, “Pass it forward. That’s what Americans do. Thank you for your compassion.”

“In a blink of an eye, it could be anyone of us. You never know what life will bring you. Very wonderful thing you did. You will be remembered forever by this girl. God will bless you,” another opined.

What a sweet thing to do for a fellow being struggling through life! It’s certainly an act that will leave a mark on the waitress’s heart.

Way to go, Justin!