Couple Offers Mobile Shower Service to the Homeless to ‘Make a Difference’ in their Lives

March 27, 2019 Updated: April 2, 2019

A hot shower is something we all enjoy every day, sometimes twice a day. But spare a thought for all those homeless folk out there who never get to have that luxury.

One couple made it their task and came up with an idea that will hopefully take off in other homeless areas—and help those who need it the most.

Craig and Danica Shoji are a husband-and-wife team from Honolulu.

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On their days off from work, the couple drive their specialized shower trailer to different events in Honolulu so that people can access the facilities.

“We’re just trying to help where we can. For us, it’s a blessing to be able to bless other people,” Danica said to Good Morning America (GMA).

Their company, called “Revive + Refresh,” provides hot showers and toilets to the homeless around Honolulu. So far, 460 people have attended the facilities, which are equipped with toilet paper and shower and hand gel, and 250 have used the showers.

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The couple have a city contract of $400,000 over five years, of which $150,000 was to purchase the truck and trailer.

“That leaves us $50,000 a year for the next five years. Every time we take the truck and trailer out on the road there is a fixed cost which the city contract won’t cover. We need to raise—on our own—an additional of $150,000 a year to fund this project. Revive + Refresh is non-profit organization,” Craig told KITV4.

The inspiration for the mobile showers came after a trip to San Francisco in 2015, when in a poor neighborhood they realized the desperation some were feeling, “I was walking down the street and there was a houseless individual there,” Craig said to GMA. “I just told him, ‘Good morning,’ and he was kind of surprised that I said that to him because no one ever says anything to him.”

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Craig realized that it was important “to just treat people like normal people.”

“They really feel refreshed and they walk in like, ‘Yeah, OK, I”ll take a shower.’ They walk out smiling like, ‘That felt so good!'” he said to KITV4.

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“Our problem is growing. We notice a lot of families and children being houseless. It took a heart to me, like, OK, how can we help them?”

Their innovation was two years in the making, but they are able to coordinate with other agencies that are focused on helping the homeless.

“They have pop up events for the houseless and invite us to come to those events and bring the shower trailer. At the same time they’ll offer medical, whatever they need,” Craig said.

Danica hopes that the homeless will come and enjoy what is on offer, including a hot meal after their shower.

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“We cannot change everyone. We cannot help everyone. But at least if I can make a difference in one person’s life,” she said.

The couple work full-time but are able to spend their spare time helping others out.

“We didn’t expect anything back, but the reward is so rewarding. There’s so much fulfilling and blessing,” said Danica.

This couple is an inspiration to others, having a go to make a difference.

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Watch the video below:

Meet the couple who created mobile showers for the homeless community

This couple created mobile showers for the homeless community to help them "feel like humans again."

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