Cop Raises $42,000 for Teen to Buy a Car After Hearing He Walks 5 Hours to and From Work

April 15, 2019 Updated: April 20, 2019

When an 18-year-old teenager was walking back home after a graveyard shift, he was shocked to be stopped by a police officer on patrol. Little did he expect this chance encounter to change his life.

After graduating from high school in 2016, Jourdan Duncan, of California, started working as a packaging line worker in Pro-Form Laboratories. However, two months into his job, his car broke down. Since then, he had been walking a total of five hours every day to work from his Vallejo home.

Posted by Benicia Police Department on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Then, in September 2018, he met Cpl. Kirk Keffer of the Benicia Police Department when he was walking home after his graveyard shift.

Duncan was worried when he saw Keffer. But it turned out that Keffer just wanted to know why he was alone.

Once Keffer learned of Duncan’s situation, he offered him a ride home. During the ride, Duncan told Keffer that he had been saving up for college and wanted to be a highway patrol officer because some of his relatives were also in law enforcement.

When his car broke down, Duncan initially hitched rides from friends and co-workers but soon stopped as he didn’t want to trouble others.

“I didn’t want to always call somebody and be like, ‘Hey, can you pick me up?’” he told The Washington Post. “That would have took a lot of people’s time.”

That’s when he decided to walk to work.

“I just had to shake his hand when he got out of the car,” Keffer told PEOPLE. “I told him I admired his work ethic and there was nothing he couldn’t accomplish.”

Posted by Benicia Police Department on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

After returning to the station, Keffer couldn’t stop thinking of Duncan and asked his supervisor if there was anything that they could do for Duncan.

They settled on buying him a bike after getting approval from the Benicia Police Officers’ Association.

When Duncan was presented with a mountain bike, he was made speechless at the officers’ kind gesture.

“I was just thinking, ‘Is this really for me?’” Duncan told CNN.

But the kind gesture didn’t end there.

The police department started a GoFundMe page to raise money for Duncan’s college tuition and fix his car.

In four months, more than $42,000 was raised. With that money, Duncan bought a used Volkswagen Passat for $2,900 and saved the rest of the money for his tuition.

“Nothing too fancy,” Duncan told KTVU. “Anything with 4 wheels is fine for me.”

“I’m just super proud of him,” Keffer told Fox News after hearing about it. “He could have went so many different ways with that money. He’s got a bright future ahead of him. I just hope that he continues down this path.”

A small gesture can make a big difference to someone’s life. We wish Duncan success in achieving his dream of becoming an officer!

Watch the video below:

CA Teen Walking To Work Everyday Gets Surprise Bike From Officers

SURPRISE GIFT: After officers saw Jourdan Duncan walking two hours to and from work everyday, the Benicia Police Officers Association gifted the California teen with a new bike to help make his commute easier.

Posted by ABC World News Tonight with David Muir on Friday, September 23, 2016