Classmates Welcome ‘Superstar’ Girl with Prosthetic Leg As She Walks into Class

February 23, 2019 Updated: March 1, 2019

Walking and running are something most of us take for granted, right? Just imagine this, though. When you are just a kid, the doctors tell you that you have bone cancer, and they want to amputate half of your leg to save your life. Pretty rough you might say, especially since your main love in life is dancing. It didn’t deter this 8-year-old though; she is a real fighter.

Amelia Eldred, from Staffordshire, England, has already been through more than a lot of us have endured in a lifetime.

Posted by Michelle C Yardley-Eldred on Monday, 23 April 2018

After doctors discovered a 10-centimeter tumor in the femur of her left leg, and chemotherapy proved useless against it, the only option left instead of removing her leg was to perform a rare procedure known as rotationplasty. The upper thigh bone that had the tumor would be cut off, and her lower leg would be reattached backwards, allowing for a prosthetic leg to then be attached to the foot.

Amelia had the complicated surgery in January 2018, and doctors attested to the girl’s positive attitude.

“She was the perfect patient to have this procedure and even said ‘goodbye loser’ to the cancer as we prepared to amputate,” said surgeon Lee Jeys in a statement.

“It doesn’t feel that different,” Amelia told BBC News. “But it is different when I have to move because it’s the other way around—when I move it up or down or side to side, I go the other way because it’s the wrong way around.”

Amelia is a little trooper.

“People ask how we cope, but we take our lead from Amelia. She has been so positive about all this,” mom Michelle Eldred said, reports BirminghamLive. “She has been so brave through all this—just before her surgery she waved to her leg and said, ‘Bye, bye tumor, see you loser!’ After her surgery, one of the nurses overheard her say to another child: ‘There’s nothing wrong with being different.’”

Amelia is a true inspiration. No matter what life dishes out, give it all you have and see what happens.

This was never more true than when she finally returned to school after enduring surgery and getting her prosthetic leg.

So sent home from hospital as Amelia’s cell levels aren’t high enough for chemo. We return later this week, but School in the meantime and a happy girl as she has achieved her silver badge for great work!

Posted by Michelle C Yardley-Eldred on Wednesday, 9 May 2018

She walked into her classroom, and with all her classmates waiting to see her, not sure what to expect, Amelia was uncertain of the reception she would get.

But she needn’t have worried, as all the kids jumped up from their desks, eager to hug her, in what ended up as a huge group hug.

One young boy summed it: “To go through all this and she’s got this far, I think she’s amazing. Aren’t ya?” He added, “You’re a superstar, aren’t ya?”

“Yeah,” said a giggling Amelia. Becoming a dancer is not beyond reach for this determined young lady!

Posted by Michelle C Yardley-Eldred on Tuesday, 11 September 2018

I am so amazed by how kind people are to Amelia. Another of her school friends has raised some money and given her…

Posted by Michelle C Yardley-Eldred on Monday, 23 April 2018

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