Boy Stunned to See His Dad in Prison During School Trip, Has Tearful Reunion

February 20, 2019 Updated: February 20, 2019

What began as a field trip for Thai school children to a prison to instill the importance of being a good citizen turned into a tearful reunion between one boy and his dad.

Team leader Arom Khunmoung, of Jam Banjeud Rayong, was with a group of boys on an organized tour of a prison in Rayong Province when he noticed one of the boys staring intently at a particular prisoner, and the prisoner, in turn, was staring back. Both men had tears streaming down their cheeks.

Arom Khunmoung 发布于 2018年9月2日周日

Arom asked the boy what was the matter, to which he replied, “Teacher, I found my dad. I’m very shocked [to see him],” recollected Arom in a Facebook post.

The boy wanted to speak with his dad, so Arom asked the warden’s permission. He knew contact was not allowed, but the warden surprised Arom with his compassion and gave his approval.

The father and son embraced each other tightly.

Arom Khunmoung 发布于 2018年9月2日周日

“The father kept on kissing the boy while murmuring ‘I’m so sorry, I miss you. When I leave this place I’m going to be a good person. Please be a good boy, son,’” Arom wrote.

The tearful father asked his son: “Are you ashamed of me? Are you embarrassed for your friends to see that I’m in prison?”

The boy replied, “No, I’m not ashamed at all,” and to show filial respect he knelt at his father’s feet and offered him a very respectful wai, a traditional Thai greeting.

Arom Khunmoung 发布于 2018年9月2日周日

According to Arom, there were plenty of tears shed by those witnessing the endearment between a suffering father and his son.

Let’s hope the future holds a lot of promise for the two men, and the lessons learned by both will help carry them through adversity.