Army Dad Tags Wife in ‘Supercool’ House Work Selfies, Leaving Her in Splits

February 26, 2019 Updated: March 13, 2019

Nothing makes a woman happier than having a good and responsible husband. Of course, the wife would have nothing to complain about if her husband knows how to spice things up time and again. Brandon Sillings, a specialist in the U.S. Army, is one man who knows what women want. He did something that left not only his spouse but many on social media in splits.

Brandon Sillings 发布于 2017年5月14日周日

When Sillings isn’t on duty, he loves doing nothing more than spending time with his two adorable kids and his wife, Felicia. One day, when he was home alone with the children, he decided to do something that would lift her spirits.

And boy did he go all out and show what an amusing husband he can be.

Felicia Sillings 发布于 2017年12月16日周六

The scene begins with Sillings getting his best look ever as he vacuums the bedroom carpet. That expression on his face shows that it’s all getting started, a hint that there is more to come.

It may take a bit of asking before the husband gets onto the household chores, but Sillings seems to be exceeding expectations in this case.

Brandon Sillings 发布于 2018年11月15日周四

All you can expect is a sad and sullen face when anyone steps out into the snow to take out the trash. But our hero seems to be doing it with a sort of brazen confidence.

Hmm, people are beginning to realize that it would take a lot more than just snow to cool down this picture. Who wouldn’t admire a man who proactively does all the household chores when he is left with the kids?

Brandon Sillings 发布于 2018年11月15日周四

Notice those freshly cut veggies? That expression on Silling’s face shows that he is certainly a man who knows his way around the kitchen.

It not only makes the women happy but also inspires those men who are a bit reluctant to step into the kitchen.

Brandon Sillings 发布于 2018年11月15日周四

And our man didn’t stop just there!

Next, it was time to attack the sink—and all those cups, plates, bowls, and spoons were gone.

His wife was going to return home to find the kitchen spick and span!

Brandon Sillings 发布于 2018年11月15日周四

By the way, did you also happen to notice there’s a small cooker in the corner with the light on? Those eyebrows suggest that dinner is also on the way.

Kudos to this husband! He seems to think of everything and shows that he’s always ready to go above and beyond to impress his wife.

All that neatly folded laundry proves that there is no room for frowns and wrinkles when the lady is back.

Brandon Sillings 发布于 2018年11月15日周四

Now, it’s time to feed the baby.

You can bet that no one in the family goes hungry under his watch. Well, he’s just about to make all the homemakers out there feel a tad bit guilty.

Brandon Sillings 发布于 2018年11月15日周四

Posting a dirty diaper is not a pleasant sight for anyone. However, in this case, you can make an exception as the army dad has taken care of every little thing to ensure his wife walks home to a stress-free dinner.

He is really setting an example of how an ideal life partner should be.

Brandon Sillings 发布于 2018年11月15日周四

Sillings made sure that he tagged Felicia in all of the posts, and when she saw them, she asked, “What is this?”

When he explained that he wanted to send her some “supercool” selfies, she had to have a laugh. His photos have also gone viral.

The series of photos has received more than 160,000 likes and has been shared more than 600,000 times. Social media users from around the world can’t seem to get enough of Sillings.

Pausing on the trail for a pic

Brandon Sillings 发布于 2012年10月13日周六

One social media user wrote, “Caring husband that good, weldone [sic] job.”

While another surprised social media user wrote, “All that and he cooks too. Wow.”

“A real he-man, does dishes, vacuuming, changing diapers and a whole lot more!” a third one wrote.

A fourth one chimed in, “These are brilliant!”

Brandon Sillings 发布于 2016年10月16日周日

Sillings certainly knows how to work his way into a woman’s heart. After all, who wouldn’t be impressed to return home and find the laundry done, the baby fed, the house cleaned, and dinner ready to be served!

Felicia is one lucky lady as not everyone out there has a spouse who does the household chores with such pride!

Moreover, the husband’s rib-tickling ways of doing things prove the couple shares a very special relationship for sure.

Felicia Sillings 发布于 2017年9月27日周三