Air Force Vet Heads to Texas to Build ‘The Wall’ on Private Land After Raising $20 Million on GoFundMe

January 22, 2019 Updated: January 22, 2019

The former US Airman who started a GoFundMe campaign devoted to building “The Wall” on the US southern border with Mexico is showing no signs of slowing down his efforts to do just that, despite naysayers.

The triple-amputee, Iraqi War vet, Brian Kolfage, has raised over $20 million via the croundfunding site since December of last year. Far from petering out, Kolfage is now heading to Texas this week with team members to get the ball rolling on the ground.

His recent tweet on Monday brought the public up to speed on their progress and highlighted the pressing need for border security:

“Our team is in Texas prepping for our arrival this upcoming weekend. Look what’s on the front page! It’s time we stop these cartels from profiting off human smuggling and drugs. They are raping young women and it must stop! We need the wall now!”

Last week, Kolfage announced some of the high-profile supporters backing his effort, including: Brigadier General Dr. Robert S. Spalding III, Sheriff David Clark, Fox New contributor Sara A. Carter, and angel dad Steve Ronnebeck on his advisory board, with whom he plans to build the wall without support from Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, or the Democrats.

Meanwhile, Kolfage reportedly has teams working out the details and legalities; the plan is to build the wall on private land.

An aerial view of the Rio Grande, which doubles as the U.S.–Mexico border, from a Customs and Border Protection helicopter near Hidalgo, Texas (The Epoch Times | Benjamin Chasteen)

There are also some even bigger, behind-the-scenes supporters, including billionaires, Hollywood conservatives, elected officials, as well as other political players.

“We have a huge week ahead of us,” Kolfage tweeted out on Sunday, “Traveling to Texas to meet with landowners and border officials with our construction committee wonder what the media will report when we break ground with that $20 mil that was allegedly refunded.”

A construction crew installs new sections of the U.S.-Mexico border barrier replacing smaller fences on January 11, 2019. (Mario Tama | Getty Images)

Recently, there was speculation in the media that the funding contributions would have to be refunded to their donors, as per GoFundMe’s regulations, should the campaign fail to reach its $1 billion goal.

Yet, Kolfage and his supporters are working around the issue; all donors now have the option to ensure that their contributions go toward building the wall, and so far, 93% of donors who responded have chosen to do so, Right Wing News reported.

Meanwhile, all donations from after January 11 will go directly toward funding the border wall via Kolfage’s GoFundMe campaign, now renamed: “We Build The Wall.”

We Build The Wall GoFundMe page (Brian Kolfage)

According to Right Wing News, Kolfage is not being paid or compensated for his efforts in building the wall. His family is provided for by his own coffee company Military Grade Coffee, for which he solicits support from consumers online:

“Thank you! @MilGradeCoffee is how I support my family! While I work on this wall project remember I’m taking no salary and no compensation. Please suppprt [sic] my coffee company.”