4-Month-Old Baby Flashes Toothy Grin to Cop Who Rescued Him From Kidnappers

June 28, 2019 Updated: July 6, 2019

Life in India is very tough for millions of people, like this mother and her baby who have to sleep on the pavement. One night, whilst the mother was in a deep sleep, disaster struck.

In October 2017, 4-month-old Faizan Khan was sleeping beside his mom, Humera Begum, 21, a beggar, on the pavement in Nampally, India. When Begum woke up at around 4:30 a.m., she discovered her son was missing, and after a frantic search for him, she notified the police, according to the Indian Express.

Mohammed Mushtaq, 42, and Mohammed Yusuf, 25, were identified from CCTV footage as the kidnappers.

“We showed their photos in the locality and came to know that Mushtaq was an autorickshaw driver who hung around Nilofer Children’s Hospital and Yusuf was his friend and that they live near Dargah Shah at Agapura. We maintained surveillance in the area,’’ Inspector R Sanjay Kumar of Nampally  Police Station told Indian Express.

After the pair were arrested, police learned during interrogation that the two men were possibly planning to sell the child to a relative of Mushtaq named Mohammed Ghouse.

Ghouse had expressed interest in adopting a child from a consenting couple too poor to care for their child.

“But when they reached Ghouse’s house at 5:30 a.m., he got suspicious and asked who the baby’s parents were,” said Inspector Sanjay. “Mushtaq introduced Yusuf as the boy’s uncle, but Ghouse refused to accept the boy, saying he would like to meet the parents and adopt the child only if they were willing.”

The duo then made their way back home, where the police were waiting to apprehend them.

Fifteen hours after Faizan’s abduction, he was handed back to a very relieved and tearful mom.

“The boy was crying when he was rescued. He kept crying even after he was handed over to his mother. At that time, I took him in my arms, rocked him gently and he stopped crying. Then he looked at me and gave the widest smile I have ever seen,’’ Inspector Sanjay said.

A photo taken of Faizan being held by Inspector Sanjay was taken by IPS officer Swati Lakra and uploaded online, where it quickly went viral.

The officer and child can be seen grinning from ear to ear at each other.

“The boy’s smile and his mother’s tears of joy were worth the team’s effort,” he said.