3 Sisters Who Were Pregnant Coincidently Within Weeks of Each Other Pose for Photoshoot

March 7, 2019 Updated: March 18, 2019

The bond between siblings, especially among sisters, is truly a special one. They tend to share everything from clothes to makeup secrets and even rooms. Three Nigerian-born sisters were over the moon after learning that they were pregnant and due to welcome their newborns within weeks of each other.

Onyeka Ufere, 30, Chika Okafor, 27, and Ogechi Babalola, 26, are the trio with this unlikely coincidence. Babalola and Okafor are both expecting boys, while Ufere is expecting twins.

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A photo of the sisters has gone viral after they were seen posing together on Manhattan Beach, California. The three sisters look resplendent donned in their white gowns with the background of the ocean adding the effect.

The beautiful connection between the sisters is displayed as they stand holding their baby bumps in the anticipation of giving birth. Cynthia Onyejiji, a friend and photographer, was chosen to capture the unbelievable moment between the sisters.

Babalola tells Yahoo Lifestyle: “For me and my sister Chika, this is our first pregnancy, and the thought of doing it alone was a little bit intimidating. Onyeka has been through this whole process once before with her first set of twins.”

“There’s nothing like complaining, laughing, and getting so frustrated you’re almost in tears with someone who you know understands what you’re going through because they’re literally going through the same stuff!” she added.

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The sisters, who grew up together, said that this experience brought back the memories of their childhood, according to Daily Mail.

They grew up sharing the same bedroom after their mom decided to transform two separate bedrooms into one large room for the trio. Though the girls fussed over it at the beginning, sharing a single room proved to be the best decision, as it brought them closer together.

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“It was never in our plans to become pregnant together, sharing something like this with my sisters never crossed my mind,” Ufere said.

“I envisioned being the major support for them in their marriages and pregnancies, but I never imagined this. But being able to go through it together makes the happiness and craziness of pregnancy a lot easier,” she added.

Ufere also had a few words of compliment for the photographer as she said, “Cynthia was really able to capture the love we have for one another and the love for being pregnant, she made it look amazing.”

The sisters were made to look beautiful and received a lot of accolades from people across social media who were also curious to find out why they did the shoot.

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Cynthia Onyejiji, who photographed the women, said: “Having known them for so long I thought it was beautiful and wanted to be a part of their story. The oldest sister has already been a mother before, so I wanted to center around her having been through it and the sisters looking up to her, which is not far from the truth.”

Onyejiji really did a fantastic job by using white clothing against their contrasting skin tone.

To have sisters that laugh with you, cry with you, even fight with you is truly a blessing… but to have sisters that…

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The fact that they are sisters and the bond between them is natural makes the photographs look more authentic. The best two photographs according to Onyejiji is when the trio are seen together laughing and the one where the water is crashing behind them that appears like poetry in motion.

“I was honored to photograph such a beautiful moment and share their story, they are literally my family, I’m so proud and happy for them. It was a pleasure to take part in a little piece of their journey,” Onyejiji revealed.

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“How many times will we get the opportunity to be pregnant together?” Okafor said. “It’s a blessing that should be captured.”

The sisters, who can’t wait to see their children grow up together, are confident that the affinity they have with each other will transpire onto their children.

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