15-Month-Old Baby Survives Being Run Over by Car

April 17, 2019 Updated: April 17, 2019

A 15-month-old baby in China was run over by an SUV while the driver was on his phone, but the child miraculously survived.

Footage released by Suzhou Traffic Police shows a child walking in front of a vehicle before it starts moves forward, running over the infant.

According to a post by police on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, on April 12, the child was in the blind spot of the driver when it walked in front of the vehicle. The unidentified male driver was also using his phone at the time.

The unidentified child, who was taken to hospital, suffered multiple broken bones and internal bleeding, the post said.

Police are still investigating the incident.


The incident occurred in eastern China’s Jiangsu Province on April 2.

In the surveillance video footage, a child wanders alone next to a white SUV parked in front of a gate.

Baby car incident
The driver entering the car, as the child walks around it. (user: Suzhou Traffic Police/weibo.com)

The driver closes the car door, and the brake lights illuminate as the child wanders along the right side of the vehicle.

When the child arrives at the passenger side door, it pauses for a moment and looks up at the open window.

Baby car incident
(user: Suzhou Traffic Police/weibo.com)

The child then walks to the front of the car, and disappears from the view of the camera.

Baby car incident
The child in front of the car. (user: Suzhou Traffic Police/weibo.com)

Suddenly, The SUV begins moving forward.

The child collapses forward, and the front right wheel rolls over the infant. The car doesn’t stop until the back wheel runs over the child as well.

Baby car incident
The child under the wheel of the car. (user: Suzhou Traffic Police/weibo.com)

An elderly woman notices, pointing to the child. The driver then turns off the SUV, gets out, and walks to the back to investigate.

Baby car incident
The driver getting out, and a woman pointing at the child. (user: Suzhou Traffic Police/weibo.com)

The driver picks up the child, as several other people approach the scene.

Baby car incident
The child being picked up. (user: Suzhou Traffic Police/weibo.com)

According to the police’s social media post, the child was then taken to hospital, and suffered broken bones and internal bleeding. No further details about the child’s progress was provided.