11-Year-Old Who Was Found Educating Herself on a Pile of Rubbish Is Now in School

March 25, 2019 Updated: March 30, 2019

The 11-year-old Syrian girl who was filmed educating herself on top of a giant pile of rubbish has been sent to school by Turkish authorities.

Halime Cuma and her parents fled war-torn Syria to become refugees in Turkey. Due to a documentation error, which has now been resolved, Halime was unable to attend a Turkish school upon arrival.

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Halime and her six brothers and sisters reside in Arnavutköy, located on the European side of Istanbul.

Only Halime’s younger sister was sent to school. In the meantime, Halime worked at the dumpster to earn a living and help her family put food on the table.

Despite the circumstances, she found herself in, being such a determined young girl with a thirst for knowledge, she did not let anything stop her from educating herself.

Whenever she was not working and had some time, she would sit amongst the rubbish piles in the busy city teaching herself to read and write.

After Halime’s situation was brought to the attention of Turkish education authorities, they immediately took action and enrolled Halime to a Turkish school.

The girl’s father, Abdülrezzak Cuma, told local media, “I wanted my kids to go to school and was very upset that most of them could not,” reports MailOnline.

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“Halime started her new school today and I am over the moon,” he continued. “Now she will be able to progress in life. Next, I hope all our children will have access to public education.

To finally have the opportunity to attend a proper school, Halime too was understandably over the moon.

The 11-year-old started formal education on Sept. 26, 2018, and says she is “excited” to attend school because she will have “access to so many books.”

Council officials confirmed that Halime’s education will be covered by the municipality.

It’s all the more heartwarming to understand Halime’s appreciation for the education she is now privileged to receive. She is sure to cherish the opportunity, study well, and make her parents proud.

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