103-Year-Old Man Walks 15 Miles to Beg Every Day, What He Does With Money Is Remarkable

May 7, 2019 Updated: May 9, 2019

This compassionate Bulgarian man with a pure and selfless heart has touched the hearts of many. He was indeed extraordinary.

Dobri Dobrev, born July 20, 1914, was called “the Saint from the village Bailovo.” Each day, the hunched old man went to the capital Sofia in Bulgaria, which was 15 miles away, and stood outside the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky asking for donations. He used to walk the distance, but later, he chose to take the bus.

Dear Bulgarians and people with good hearts all over the world,Let's make the first monument of good in Bulgaria. The…

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Dobri was extraordinary in that all the money he collected over the years—more than 80,000 Bulgarian lev (40,000 euros) as in 2013, according to Daily Buzz—he gave to the churches, charities, monasteries, or an orphanage to pay their bills—every dime of it.

Much of the money he collected had been used to restore crumbling churches right across Bulgaria.

На никой не отказва беседа….Благодарим за снимката на Lachezar Iliev

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Dobri survived on a meager pension of about US$100 per month. In 2000, he gave all his possessions, including his house, to the Orthodox church in Bailovo, and had lived a selfless and non-materialistic life since.

“God gives me bread,” said the wise man, who made the decision to devote his life to God. Although he had a bed, he preferred sleeping on the floor.

Happy birthday, Dobry Dobrev. 102 years!Днес Дядо Добри става на 102 години! Над един век живот! Тази новина е…

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“God is the way,” he often proclaimed to those who stop, and many were brought to tears just being in his presence.

“The good will is just and true. Everything in it is good. We must not lie, nor steal, nor commit adultery. We must love each other as God loves us,” he said in the 2000 film “Mite.” (Click here to view a small part of the film.)

"Семейството трябва да се уважава, родителите, защото това иска нашият отец Бог. Бъдете добри, молете се и вярвайте и…

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He had given to the needy on the streets, but had never felt the need to promote himself, and had indeed remained humble. He remained indifferent to the weather.

With his homemade clothes, simple sandals, and flowing white beard, many perceived him as a traveler from the past. He was a familiar figure, and people offered him money for the bus, which he refused.

Как бихте описали тази снимка? / How would you describe the image?

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“Dobri is an extremely rare phenomenon,” said Bishop Tikhon from the Alexander Nevski cathedral.

Nicknamed “The Living Saint from Baylovo” by the media, Dobri had become a beacon of light in an impoverished country where faith is on the rise after the fall of communism a quarter of a century ago.

"Милостта е над злото, синко …."

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Sadly, “Grandpa Dobri” was no longer seen around the entrance to Sofia’s Seven Saints church or the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky. He passed away on Feb. 13, 2018, at the ripe old age of 103.

“The Saint of Bailovo” was laid to rest in the churchyard next to the small building where he had been living since 2000, according to nova.bg.

Though Dobri has left us, his high moral values will surely continue to exert a positive impact on the lives of others. Such an inspirational man!

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